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First how-to post - birthday card using gelatos and happy birthday pop up

Today I wish to share with you my very first how -to make this card post which is of a card I recently sold.

Here is a picture of the front

This is a photo of the inside

Now i will show you the steps to make the card!

First step cut the card base to the size you want. I think i did around 51/2 x 12 inches scored at 6 inches - it wasnt quite square and since i have sold the card - I can't measure it for you! It is a top fold card. Anyways you can choose the measurement of your own card based on how big you would hhhhhlike it - i find a lot of the pop up cards I make are actually around this size. This first card base needs to be for the outside the second base - which goes on the inside and is where you use the pop up die - i did about 1/2 inch less all the way around this would make the inside card base 5 inches x 111/2 inch. remember if you are using elizabeth craft designs soft finish cardstock as i did because it is white on one side and coloured on the inside be careful which way you score it basically you need to score the outside card base on the white side and the inside card base on the coloured side so that the two white sides of the coloured card stock face each other. I do find that a heavier weight cardstock preferably 270gsm (100 LB) is necessary for the pop up to work the best.

BTW we use centimetres in Australia but because i was using the 12 x 12 inch scrapbook paper to make this card i just measured it in inches.

this is a picture of the outside card base scored

The next step is to use the main die from the Happy Birthday pop up set from Karen Burnisten Elizabeth craft designs and run it through your die cutting machine - i use a crafters companion cut n boss but any machine which takes a wafer thin die will work.

This is what the inside piece will look like when you have run it through the machine.This also shows how we have trained the folds of the pop up. I have difficulty with some steps so my husband does the "training of the folds"

First to decorate the front of the card.

When i bought my cut n boss it came with some beautiful A4 embossing folders and I used the roses one for this card. I dry embossed it using some A4 white card stock i think its about the 210gsm range and what I did is i coloured it using yellows. oranges and red faber castell gelatos!
They are quite easy to use. I will try to put a link to the video where i learnt a lot about them but just search on you - tube for gelatos and loads of videos will come up. I love scrapbooking made simple their hour long videos (or more) are Amazing and ive learnt a lot from them! I used the technique where you use a craft sheet and basically draw the gelato onto the craft sheet in this case all 4 or 5 colours next to each other then I used a water brush which is a brush that you can fill with water and instead of having to dip a paintbrush into water you have the paintbrush and water contained extremely good for people in bed! The ones i have if you want to have more drops of water come out u simply squeeze the paintbrush and bigger drops of water will come out. then i just mixed up the colours into a sort of paste but slightly wetter than a paste and kept adding colour till i liked it then i just painted!!!

For the card we cut it to about 5 x 5 1/2 inches so there was 1/4 inch all the way around then i stuck it to the front of the card. I also used a sizzix regal label die 3rd smallest and stuck that onto the roses as you can see. In the photo at the top you can see I used stickers to say happy birthday mum on the card. I used sharpie markers to colour the happy birthday red and the letters M U M purple

The next step is to make a glittered butterfly for this you need to cut 2 x large butterfly sihouette and body dies from Elizabeth craft designs which have clear double sided adhesive on the front (any brand) I personally use sookwang tape because this is what scrapbooking made simple recommended I do not know how it stands up to any other brands the 21/2 inch tape is wide enough for this. also you need to cut out of the release sheet this is the backing paper that comes off of the double sided tape - 1 x large overlay. Elizabeth craft designs have 2 overlays for this project it doesnt really matter which overlay u choose.
You also need to cut 2 x small butterfly sihouette and body which have clear double sided tape on the front and also the overlay that comes with that die.

As you can see the photo shows the pieces and then the finished butterfly. i will give written instructions but if you have any difficulty understanding my instructions i suggest you watch the video on you tube by Els Van de Burgt from Elizabeth craft designs this should help you. I did follow best i could but this is how i did is same process for small and big butterfly you could choose to have 2 small butterflys or more or do the same as I did.

To make the butterfly u need 4 colours of microfine glitter i have found the stampendous micro fine glitter is a bit cheaper than the elizabeth crafts designs glitter though i do have the cool and warm diamond glitter from them whatever brand make sure it says mirco fine on it.....

so I picked red orange yellow and purple for my colours.

first you take off the backing paper from the double sided tape add the overlay being careful to match it up. then you take your first colour and put a little to each side of the body rub it in to bring out sparkle and put back into bottle. Then repeat for second and third colours making sure u rub in each colour after you add it then put back into the bottle.
Then u need to pick the colour for the body mine the big butterfly is purple the small one is red remove the backing paper from the body but do not throw it away dip body into the jar of glitter of your chosen colour and rub in to bring out maximum sparkle. Put excess glitter back into jar
 remove the release sheet overlay and now put the body onto the sihouette piece Now add the final colour in my case purple rub it in to bring out the maximum shine and return it to the bottle too. the top of the butterfly is now complete!
Now remove the backing paper from second sihouette and remember that body backing piece from the double sided adhesive i said not to throw away? Well place on second sihouette to mask where the body is this is where u will later attach the front piece to. Now choose your colour i did purple in both cases which is the same colour as the overlay patterns. make sure to rub it in well and put excess back into jar.
Now the final step remove the body piece and underneath will   be enough double sided tape to stick the top piece to the bottom piece. You can if you wsh bend the butterflies a little - so that they look more like they are flying!

If you are struggling with the instructions for the glitter butterfly please see this Elizabeth craft designs video on you tube

Here is another view of the front of the card

Now heres how i decorated the inside

The photo shows what you need to cut]
cut the word happy and birthday from the same happy birthday pop up die set as above I did it in orange cardstock with double sided tape on the back 21/2 inch tape works well for this.
Again from the same die set you will need to cut the stars I did 5 small ones along the bottom and a couple of small ones and 3 large stars under the words happy birthday - you can see this in the picture above

 Both the stars and the happy birthday are  stuck onto the pop up itself

From the A4 piece of orange roses done with gelatos you will need to cut a piece to decorate above and below the pop up as shown in the photo. I cut mine with the agatha edges die set designed by Karen Burnisten of Elizabeth craft designs I was able to fussy cut one so there was part of the rose on it but . you can cut it with any edge die you like

I also cut another sizzix regal label die 4th largest this time - simply for somewhere to write a message on but you could use any label die you have or like This was stuck between the decoration at the bottom of the card and the pop up.

Here is another photo of the finished card so you can see the pop up a little better a side angled photo

And this is a front on picture of the inside

I do hope you have liked my tutorial. This is the first time I have written out instructions on how to make this card so I sure hope you can follow them. I hope to be back soon with another how to make this card tutorial

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